shutterstock_344617415People who have come across Kahrs hardwood flooring previously will know about their excellent durability and the fact they’re generally quite easy to wash. With the ideal kind of maintenance the flooring will continue to check at its best for several years to come.

If you operate a commercial institution and have recently had Kahrs lacquered flooring fitted, it is only natural you’d want to make sure it is kept in its best condition to maintain the expense of maintenance down. In this post we’ll be suggesting manufacturer-approved methods of accomplishing this aim.

To start with, the surface of this factory-lacquered flooring can be made more powerful by adding an extra coating of lacquer or 2 which can improve its moisture-resistant qualities. This may not be as necessary if the floor is to be used in precisely the same manner as you would do in a domestic setting. By going forward with this though, you can expect the appearance of the surface to alter marginally.

If you’re planning to use a combi-machine, be sure to set a limit on the total amount of water utilized. Residual water ought to be dried right away.

It is important to ensure the lacquer does not be worn off, as this allows for dirt and water to penetrate the timber turning it grey, meaning the surface will probably be harder to wash. If the floor end up looking very worn or requiring renovation, talk to the wood flooring specialists who will use almost dust free machine-sanding gear to have it prepared so a new surface treatment could be applied.


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